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WorkShop Retreats to learn rebuilding MotherEarth as only ONE eCommunity We All own and manage.

  Your retreat centers are 5star resorts. Workshop Limit is 50 participants. Your host mediator instructors are the highest qualified experts of all expertise. Most of us are top ranked Investors, rare Philosophers, Researchers, Serial inventors, Universal Spiritual Leaders, Professors, masters of relationship expertise.
   For +7 days, you will be challenged to increase your IQ and improve your business skills by interacting with other peer mega wealthy problem solver Executives. No slackers or free-loaders allowed. If one does not contribute, then gone.
   All participants are expected (required) to contribute their best business practices and resolution methods.
   All news media are banned. The mindset of most wealthy Corporate leaders is shown below. Most of us are truly Integrity God focused despite the most common misconception we are ruthless warlords and cyber stalking criminal terrorists.  High security will be provided to ensure your safety and complete NDA confidentiality enforced by all present.
  Once you book your +7 day adventure, you will be given all other participant contact information to ensure each person agrees to interact with you, your family, and close associates you bring along. Non workshop attendees are invited and can participate in all the extended activities.
  Our prime discussion is ratification proofing + using how to resolve any issue, conflict, problem, and reversing all warLords worldwide.
  The initial group invited is megaBillionaires + Forbes List + anyone who has proof of net worth exceeding $50 Million USD.  Anyone who has unresolved felony criminal history is banned.
  During workshops, give authority to all attendees to decide all agendas and who is permitted to continue contributing to our focused project groups.
  All participants will have state of art fitness trainers, personal chefs, sports, full access to all amenities.
  Ride sharing on our corporate Jets is highly recommended. Includes pre and post meetings with our best people.
  All workshops modeled after original now converted business improvement models procreated by #1 world overseers over all Governments and Corporations worldwide. Includes and Please invite our best top integrity trusted focused fellow peers.
  Means no more wars, no Stock Markets, No mass poverty, and definitely no more any underground cyber criminals and terrorists once my own patents and perfected technology and full wisdom and knowledge are integrated with all of your lifetime contributions of how everyone must benefit worldwide as only PeaceMaking Problem solving Promise Keepers. Now everyone focuses on WE THE PEOPLE crime free utopia at all our levels universally.
Book your attendance by contacting us directly. As of 2024 June 26 we are traveling back at Biltmore Asheville NC. Registration

Asheville NC - Aug 2-9, 2024
To be determined by Group.  Aug 15-24, 2024
Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. Sept 1-8, 2024
Future locations will be at one of your remote estates.  Oct, Nov 2024.
  Others announced based on your best preferences worldwide.
This simple methodology was bootstrapped June 26, 2024.

Mindset of most wealthy successful problem solving Corporate Executives universal worldwide.

1. Our primary concern is our security and personal safety of our families and organization.   Cyber Criminals and con-artists target us relentlessly by all ways and means includes murder, blackmail, extortion, cyber theft of our mutual databases, and viciously attacking us claiming we are ... anything the public media is told repeatedly.

2. Our secondary concerns is protection of our Corporate enterprises.  We always strive to enlist, hire, commission, encapsulate the best problem solving executives and management to ensure no embezzlement, theft, and controversial events or actions can cause the true valuation of our corporations from being jeopardized by false witness, lies, and even malicious civil and criminal lawsuits.

3. Most of us have literally earned our own way since rare small percentage were born into wealthy first families.  Social Demographics always show WHO is WHO yet rarely show WHO owns WHAT once criminal actions move our peoples assets off shore.  The ancient Mafia are real families who have created the worst series of Precedent Laws, rules, regulations, taxes, secret bid contract deals, protective rackets, money laundering, and other vice sin crimes known as human trafficking, fixed pricing wages and benefits, even fundamental Mutual Funds, Stock Options, Corporate Bonuses, Executive Perk Write-offs and unlimited expense accounts are all horrible pirated methods to destroy all other classes.   If and when THIS does happen as, no mortal will be left alive once mass genocide occurs and no one is left to overseer +8.1 Billion WE GODS PEOPLE.

4.  All other our concerns are fundamental protection of our universal Human Rights to be free will sovereign citizens when EVERYONE actually learns to peacefully resolve any conflict, issue, problems by identifying WHO are the worst criminals and using GOD + methods to eliminate these sociopath psychopaths like ROBERT DEE ROSE from destroying Mother Earth as gift engineered designed by GOD for all of us to use and share mutually by gifting to each other so NO one is ever ever left behind.  2024 June 28


Workshops for only vetted Mega B + Millionaires.

Fully secure. is the only group of wealthy problem solving Corporate Executives who actually care, love, protect, and dignify represent the will of WE GODs people worldwide.


Our Focus Areas

Our prime founder Duncan is worlds only Trillionaire who gives 100% back to stabilize our economy as only one COMMUNITY of crime free utopia use of FOIA.ONE and +180 other perfected solutions.


Commercial Real Estate
State of Art = All technology is SolutionHOUSING SolutionEDUCATION how we collectively build new self sufficient totally sustainable infrastructure direct funded by worlds wealthy elite Corporate Executives at all levels who actually act with full self-less authority as true leaders by enforcing at the very top.


Aviation of automated methods includes all world patents generated by KEITH BRENT DUNCAN year 1976 NCSU seen at


Sports & Leisure

Most obvious is that executives must be very healthy in mind, body, and spirit in order to be great leaders by example.

Achieving Growth


Welcome to Crime Free Utopia managed by each of YOU for ever.  Means no more politics, no taxes, no wars caused always by those known as criminal Ruling Elites.


We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

Keiths gifted patents, intellectual property  and GOD focused methodologies are so extensive and world wide stabilizing, we have open gift published everything. GO download WHOIS *.pdf Keys to Gods Universe and then preview all the perfected solutions for ever.

What We Provide 


Project Design

We show new simple fast path methods (patented) how to quickly accurately do any project planning right the very first time. On budget and making all milestones.


Construction Management



Site Evaluation




We provide the worlds most complete construction methodology includes all underground infrastructure support, all payments made to procreate required basic town centers, education, list is always perfected.


Cost Modeling

The most primal basic cost modeling was always easy project Management by best our experts combined with your very own best experts.

Latest Projects -Examples.


Silverstone Community Center 


234 Kingsway Road


Smith Park Botanical Gardens



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